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How many times have you seen projects, people, or entire companies fail because they rely too heavily on “the way it's always been?” The virus has shattered the illusion of comfort that predictability brings. 


My name is Kim Linton and I’m an Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator. I’ve spent my entire career helping teams and individuals acknowledge uncertainty to be more successful. Uncertainty is a key tenant of agility, which is our ability to adapt and respond to change quickly.


This event will shift your thinking from: business plan to iterations, conjecture to feedback, and perfection to progress.


As our city is re-opening, even if for a short time, let’s take this opportunity to connect in-person, break up the monotony, and learn to lead confidently through the pandemic. 

Preparedness Plan (COVID-19)

We are taking extreme precautions to ensure the safety of everyone at this unprecedented in-person event; nothing is more important than your safety. 


We intend to follow all recommended CDC guidelines which include: Wash your hands often, avoid close contact (6 feet), cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others, cover coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect, and monitor your health.


You can also expect: 

  • Pre-screening for all leaders and event staff 

  • Temperature checks at the door 

  • Social Distancing: CL Space can hold 200 people, we are setting capacity at 15. 

  • Each leader will be accommodated a personal table, chair, and event materials. 

  • Individually wrapped breakfast catering & coffee from Puff n’ Stuff

  • Open doors, windows, and air purifiers wherever possible. 


If you have any health or safety concerns, do not hesitate to contact the organizer