2020: Something to be grateful for

Originally published in TBBW Magazine, December 2020

Everyone keeps telling us we’re grieving about the way life used to be but there’s much more to 2020 than grief. Of course, this year brought uncertainty, fear and inconvenience, but it also brought stillness, resilience and gratitude.

Take a moment and think about the positive things that happened to you in 2020 that you didn’t expect? Places you didn’t realize you missed. People you previously took for granted.

The Way We Do Things

Our daily routines are drastically different now, but “different” doesn’t equal “bad.” Make no mistake: We’ve gone through waves of newfound freedom, restriction, hope and maybe a few more bottles of wine than we would have drunk a year ago.

We humans are incredible, adaptable beings. It’s almost been a year of dealing with the pandemic, quarantine and the unknown—and we’re still here. We have evolved the way we do things in so many ways:

• Working from home; forced flexibility while still getting work done.

• Slowing down, taking intentional breaths and getting back to basics.

• Adapting to social distancing, face masks and heightened personal responsibility.

• Acknowledging, sharing and normalizing mental, and physical, health challenges.

The Place We Call Home

Most of us have spent more time at home than we ever would have imagined. At times we felt trapped, cooped up and drained.

I challenge you to remember the day you picked out your current home. Recall those memories. Think back to closing day, the excitement, the anticipation and the gratitude. This year allowed us to take full advantage of the place we call home, to dwell fully in our space, to complete home projects and to wave to our neighbors again.

The People We Love

Last, but certainly not least, this year has provided us the opportunity to rediscover the people we love the most. Sure, 24/7 time at home with your kids, or significant other, was frustrating at times but would you have it any other way?

The lack of certainty regarding our own, or our loved one’s health, allowed us to reflect on the reasons we value them in our lives. Even for those we’ve lost—a welcome reminder, a renewed awareness of the finality of life and our conscious effort to take advantage of every single moment.

We’re going to make it through 2020; a new year awaits. How will we continue to persevere? What else can we achieve? Stay positive. Stay human. Stay grateful. See you next year. ♦

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it.” — Brene Brown

Kim Linton works with individuals, and teams, who want to make work modern, courageous and intentional. She is a certified Dare to Lead facilitator and provides agile, repeatable and profitable solutions for teams. Reach her at and see more at

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