Monday's suck & the sky is blue

“Folks, tomorrow’s Monday. But we’ll make it suck a little less. Tune in to WXYZ radio.” — heard on a local radio station while I passengered in my Uber.

I’m confused. Is this supposed to make us listeners feel… better? Personally, I sank deeper into my Sunday anxiety.

A few months ago I was facilitating a team of managers when one old, sweet, long-tenured man gave me some feedback.

He sort of reminded me of Grandpa Phil from Hey Arnold.

He said: “I’ve worked in this building for 40 years and we constantly talk about new approaches to work but we never do anything about it.”

I mean, damn Phil. Way to burst my facilitator bubble.

This is a constant struggle for myself and others in the modern work space. Sure, we’ll give you a killer workshop or presentation where you learn some stuff and get all the “inspo” feels. But what happens when you walk out and have to actually practice the stuff?

Many of us at work are jaded. Like that old, sweet, long-tenured man. We don’t even try because we’ll probably fail. We get inspired then we go back to “reality” (if you struggle with this word as much as I do, get real and check out my first Medium story).

So anyway, this unfortunate series of events got me thinking.

What if the reason we’re jaded is because we’re conditioned to be so? Said differently, if our parents, our teachers, our friends are telling us every day for our whole lives that the sky is red, then we meet someone who tells us it’s blue (and even shows us pictures!) what will the outcome be? Either flat out denial, or mixed and inconsistent; maybe knowing in your heart that the sky is blue, but then bending to the path of popular opinion.

It’s easier that way, right?

Ah, easy. I think here lies the root of our problem.

When you take the easy way out: avert your eyes, laugh it off, walk away from a difficult yet productive situation — you are not acting with integrity. Integrity is choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast, or easy.

We have to change the narrative. We have to speak truth to bullshit. There is so much being said that we don’t agree with, yet we don’t offer an alternative and get frustrated when the bad behavior repeats.

Personally, I love Mondays. Why? I’ve just had all weekend to rest and recharge, do my laundry, and be with the people I love. So you’ll see me strolling into the office as the best version of myself.

Tired? Sure. Rather be somewhere else? Maybe. But Mondays don’t suck for me — and if you get in the elevator and grumble “It’s only Monday…”, I’m going to straight up slap you. Okay, not really — but I’m definitely going to say that Monday is a fine ole’ day. Oh, and in seven more days, it’ll be Monday again. And again. And again.

Parallel listen: “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

Who else believes in doing what’s right over what’s fun fast an easy? I’d love to hear about it — and about the audiences you shocked while doing it.

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